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Printacom Technologies is the sole authorised distributor of OKI printers and printer consumables in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa including the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) region. The company is a member of the Tarsus Technology Group, one of southern Africa’s leading IT groups and as such has established a solid presence in the market over the past 20 years it has been in operation. The company’s philosophy revolves around offering the latest printing technologies, at competitive prices, backed by industry-leading service and support.

Rather than maintaining a solely product-orientated approach to the local market, Printacom and its reseller channel have chosen to focus on adding value to its customers by offering printing solutions that resolve customers’ challenges in the most effective manner possible.

By analysing the customer’s environment, Printacoms’ channel partners are not only equipped to recommend a printing solution that will work well in their customers’ environments, but have the knowledge to give customers valuable advice on the restructuring of their printer or output fleet, so as to maximise return on investment, lower total cost of ownership, reduce downtime and subsequently improve productivity.

Printacom has gone further than the majority of its peers in this regard and built a partner channel that is aware of non-print related customer needs such as cash-flow, increased IT management complexity, the increased intricacy of consumables procurement and linked to that, the mismanagement of procurement processes.

This sees Printacom and its partners able to deliver solutions that meet customer requirements in the more traditional ‘purchase and maintain’ space, as well as more innovative solutions that see customer moving their printing assets off balance sheet or completely outsourcing their print and output management.

OKI Global

OKI Printing Solutions is a global business-to-business brand dedicated to creating professional printed communications products, applications and services which increase the efficiency of today’s businesses. From printers to faxes and multi-functional products through applications and services, OKI Printing Solutions has brought to market a range of incredibly fast and high performance machines that regularly win awards and beat the competition.

Today OKI Printing Solutions is a major player in the printer market and is totally dedicated to creating relevant, high performance products, applications and services to meet the individual in-house printing needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.

OKI Printing Solutions offers a portfolio of products that are specifically designed in response to the needs of the business customer. OKI Printing Solutions categorises its product ranges into five distinct segments: Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM), Colour Non-Impact Printers (NIP), Mono NIP and Fax, and Multifunction Products (MFPs).


OKI Printing Solutions, a market leader in the global business printer market, manufactures a range of exceptionally fast and high-performance machines.

BEE Status

Printacom has confirmed its position as a top performer in the area of transformation when it was awarded a Level Three Contributor status


The company’s philosophy revolves around offering the latest printing technologies, at competitive prices, backed by industry-leading service and support.