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When we hear the word relationship we think of love or friendship but the reality is, there are several types of relationships; romantic, friends, family, work and customer relationships.

Business is a people activity; everyone wants to do business with people they can trust. As we love our customers we have to build a lasting relationship with them. Without customers we would not exist.

It was found that building a lasting relationship with your customers is the key to keep them satisfied and keeping their business. We all know that we have to communicate with our friends and family to keep them from feeling neglected, the same applies to customers. One has to stay in touch with them to maintain a connection.  Give a call, an email, tweet or post on Facebook to build communication, ask about their experience with the product and tell them to be honest with their feedback. Their feedback it is important.

Every interaction with a customer is a great opportunity to focus on building customer relationship, everything is built on relationships first be real, be yourself and be your best self. Be interesting in making it about them and not you. Be knowledgeable, know everything about them.

Using multiple communication channels is important, making sure that the channels are organised and reliable. A study by Aspect Software found that 77% of customers believe companies that offer multiple channels as part of their customers’ service are easier to make business with and 74% say that they provide better customer service. Communicating with customers on a personal level is effective in building relationships; social media is an important element. Source:

The easiest way to differentiate your business is by the customer experience you deliver. Live for you customers, customer complains give you the opportunity to learn about what your customers really think about your service. Any complain made help in improving service. According to East Bridge Consulting Group, 70% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favour. Source:

Some of the important facts any business has to consider in building customer relationship:

  • Stay in regular contact with customers – every interaction should be treated as an opportunity to monitor and build relationship. ‘’96% of unhappy customers don’t complain when they’re unhappy and 91% will simply leave and never return’’
  • Build trust with customers – show compassion in your actions, be honest, creditable and keep your integrity
  • Sharing your content on the web through social media and engaging in relevant online communications. Inbound marketing costs 60% less than outbound marketing
  • The stronger the relationship, the greater will their trust and loyalty in the business

Studies show that the greater the relationship with customers the more likely that they will tell their friends about your business, creating word of mouth marketing.

Relationships are important but not easy. People say relationships can and should be managed but the reality is relationships can’t be managed. While customer relationship is different from a personal one but all relationships are personal.  So any communication that you have with a customer make it personal as this will help in building a relationship with your customers. This will also help in them keeping their business with you.