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Printing may be seen as not that important in this day and age due to the vast changing world of technology and the growing world going digital. Somethings will not change; every office needs most of its documents in a printed form and requires branding effective communication. The same can also be said for many designers and other professionals that need their work in printed format. With them outstanding results is always the way to go.

With OKI printers it is easy to achieve outstanding results with High Definition Colour with our unique collection of hardware and software technology. Together they produce outstanding colour printing perfectly. Specialists in business printing solutions and leader in colour printing, we can be trusted to deliver.

4 elements of High Definition colour:

  • High Definition LED Printheads

With our over 20 years’ experience OKI printing solutions pioneered digital LED printing which delivers superior image quality, compared to laser printers.

  • Microfine High Definition toner

Our microfine High Definition Toner ensures documents are printed in superior print quality. Documents are sharper, crisper and glossier, even on an ordinary paper. The results are breath taking.

  • Single-pass Flat Paper Path

The flat paper path offers best in class print speed and can handle heavy paper or long banners up to 1.2m in length- bringing media flexibility as well as reliability.

  • Printer Control System

This constantly checks alignments, registration and colour balance – making printing simple every time

Great colour starts with OKI Printing Solutions.