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OKI understands the many challenges confronting the business world today. That’s why we offer a variety of world-class printing solutions designed to increase business productivity and reduce costs, while providing a low total cost of ownership. All of our custom printing solutions offer an effective mix of quality, performance, reliability and value. This helps you optimise your processes, by combining our cutting-edge technology, customised service and unrivalled support.

With over 120 years’ experience in dealing with innovative technology, OKI is globally recognised for providing exceptional business printer solutions. We understand that every office environment has different needs, which is why we take time to consider yours. Whether you require fast and versatile devices, or high-specification equipment, our products are all guaranteed to be reliable, valuable and of top quality.


    Introduces solutions for reducing total costs associated with printers and multifunction printers, saving space, printing accurate medical images for informed consent procedures, and more.


    Introduces solutions for increasing sales and lowering costs by preventing lost sales opportunities, producing high-quality point-of-purchase displays, flyers and other marketing tools in-house, and more.


    Introduces solutions for raising efficiency through digitization and integrated management of documents, bolstering security, reducing downtime, and more.


    Introduces solutions optimal for printing on poster board, efficiently printing POP displays for large stores and other applications, and printing package samples.


    Introduces solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color while being able to control the costs of printing.