PRO9431 DMe


Pro9431 DMe

A first in medical imaging and printing With the Pro9431 DMe you can now print medical imaging on standard media formats in vibrant HD Colour and in sizes up to A3+. From X-rays to nuclear medicine scans, to ultrasounds, these images can now be easily printed for your own non-diagnostic use, or for patients to keep. The Pro9431 DMe presents a cost-effective solution for clinics, dental surgeries, veterinary practices and hospitals.

Medical imaging – X-rays, nuclear medicine, scans and ultrasound printing                                               

Printing medical imaging including nuclear medicine, CT/MRI scans, ultrasounds and x-rays cost effectively on standard media formats in vibrant, HD colour and in sizes up to A3+, the Pro9431 DMe is suitable for use in dental practices.

DICOM-embedded – Print directly from medical equipment

Printing directly from medical equipment, without the need for conversion software or external print servers, the cost of producing medical images in High Definition mono or colour with the fast, DICOM-embedded Pro9431 DMe network printer is significantly lower compared with traditional DICOM printing technologies.