Functional and flexible, the ColorPainter E-64s uses the same high viscosity SX inks as all other OKI premium printers. Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) and Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology ensure great quality images with no colour density loss, reduced overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding. SX ink is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications providing strong luminescence, especially when backlit.

High Definition images – Smart dot control algorithm creates rich, bold, glossy colours for superior quality images,drawings, labels, stickers and other applications with readable fonts as small as 2 point size.

The ColorPainter E-64s features Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology together with Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology to deliver consistently rich, bold, glossy colours with fine details throughout. An in-built production unit provides added flexibility for professional users.

  • DDP technology optimises dot size and density for consistently high quality, even at high speeds
  • SP4 technology dot control algorithm control delivers fine image quality for skin tones and smooth gradients in pastel shades
  • Industrial high-frequency, greyscale print heads provide precise constant drop control
  • Stable, constant colour density of high quality up to top speed print mode

High density prints available in many print modes without quality and speed reduction